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Who is affected by erection problems?

Erection problems are usually thought of a something that only affects older men, but up to 25% of men under the age
of 40 suffer from EPs.1

Erection problems affect men of all ages

EPs can occur at any point in a man’s life, although the risk increases with age. They can occur in younger men; as EPs can be an indicator of (more serious) underlying health conditions, it’s important they are assessed. Evidence shows EPs in younger men are on the rise, with many citing this is due to stress caused by work and their personal lives.  This highlights other factors, aside from physical or medical causes, that can play a role in the occurrence of EPs this younger age group.2,3

Although EPs can significantly affect a man’s psychosocial wellbeing and quality of life, complaints of EPs among younger men can often be overlooked or dismissed.

In younger men, the issue can be viewed by healthcare professionals as transient due to lifestyle or performance anxiety, and dismissed without any assesment. It’s important to take the issue of EPs in younger men seriously, especially as this demographic may be less likely to seek professional help and advice.2,3,4

Pharmacists should also know how to support younger men presenting with concerns about EPs by assessing them and providing reassurance, as well as offering appropriate advice and treatment. 

How frequent are erection problems?

Erection problems can vary in frequency and can be caused by several different factors, from health concerns to physical and lifestyle factors. Some men may only experience occasional EPs, while others may find they have difficulty every time they attempt sex. Psychological and emotional issues may be the underlying cause of EPs and considering these is just as important as considering possible physical causes.

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