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Treatment options

There are several different treatment options available for men. Products for the treatment of EPs include tablets, injectable, transurethral, mechanical devices and hormone replacement therapies. And specialist help is available from urologists and sexual counselling experts for the condition.
But some men could benefit from the range of services already offered within the pharmacy.

Lifestyle changes that can help manage erection problems

Men entering the pharmacy seeking help with erection problems can also be advised how they can work to improve their general health, and some could benefit from the range of services already offered within the pharmacy. As a pharmacist, you are in an excellent position to help advise men or direct them to their GP as appropriate.

As well as helping to improve EPs, these changes can also improve general health and may help to reduce the risk of CVD. Pharmacy staff may find an opportunity to discuss the following factors and their place in improving health. 

Weight management

For men who are overweight (Body Mass Index 25–29.9) or obese (>30), provide advice on appropriate weight reduction or signpost to a weight loss clinic or organisation. Find out more.

Quitting smoking

Provide guidance on quitting, including the recommendation of nicotine-replacement therapy, or signposting to a local stop smoking service. Find out more.

Moderating alcohol intake

Men drinking more than 14 units of alcohol should be advised that drinking less may help their condition. Excessive alcohol intake can affect sexual performance as it’s depressant impacts on both motor and cognitive functions. It may also prevent Viagra Connect from working as effectively. Find out more.

Avoiding recreational drugs

Many different recreational drugs can have an impact on the heart. ‘Poppers’ (nitrates), GBH (liquid ecstasy) and heroin can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure. LSD, cocaine, amphetamines, ketamine, crystal meth, mephedrone, and cannabis can increase heart rate and blood pressure. Amphetamine and heroin can cause pulmonary oedema and endocarditis. Also, patients should be made aware of the risk of counterfeit ‘legal’ drugs. Find out more.

Explore how lifestyle can cause erection problems.

Medical treatments for EPs

There are a variety of medical treatments for EPs, including injection therapies, transurethral drug application, vacuum constriction devices, testosterone replacement, and surgery, among others. Pharmacists should refer men to their GP to learn more about the medical treatments available. Find out more about when to refer a customer to their GP.

Treatment access

Viagra Connect provides wider access to a genuine treatment for EPs. This means men can take a ‘spur of the moment’ decision to seek advice when they are ready, rather than having to make an appointment for which they may lose the courage to keep.

See how you can help within the Pharmacy.