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Training Workshop Videos

Watch content from the VIAGRA connect training workshops

To support the launch of VIAGRA connect, in March 2018, Pfizer ran a series of Regional Training Workshops throughout the UK. Watching the following videos recorded live at these workshops can help you develop your understanding of the clinical, behavioural and communication issues and opportunities. To get the best out of these videos, they should be viewed in order.

Watch the videos at home or in the pharmacy to supplement your understanding of VIAGRA connect and help make a difference in the lives of men in your community.

Introduction To VIAGRA connect

Understand VIAGRA connect and the opportunity it offers to make a real difference to men in the community.

Duration 08:25

Understanding ED And CVD

Learn more about the main causes of ED and the link between ED and cardiovascular disease so you can make appropriate recommendations.

Duration 09:24

Making Confident Recommendations On ED And Supply Of VIAGRA connect

Discover what VIAGRA connect is, who it is for and how to use the Checklist in facilitating a converstation with men coming into the pharmacy.

Duration 14:15

Patient Scenarios

Watch video scenarios with some Dos and Don’ts to understand how the pharmacy team can facilitate appropriate conversations with men.

Duration 25:01

Additional Useful Information And Summary

Consolidate your key learnings in this wrap up section, which includes an overview of additional resources and where they can be found.

Duration 03:47