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The Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Conversation

Watch and learn how experts manage the ED conversation


The launch of VIAGRA connect as a pharmacy medicine should make it easier for men with ED to seek help at an earlier stage of their treatment journey.

The impact of ED on an individual and his partner can be considerable, as the ability to have an erection is important to a man's perception of his own wellbeing. ED could lead to a man feeling anxious, depressed and lacking in self-confidence. Many men do not seek help from a healthcare professional because they are embarrassed.1,2 These videos show how experts have been able to have the ED conversation successfully by addressing these issues of anxiety. 

The interest generated by VIAGRA connect creates an excellent opportunity for pharmacists to engage with men around the wider potential health concerns associated with ED, such as cardiovascular disease.

Our bite-sized videos and presentation materials are designed to help pharmacists prepare for the ED conversation and become confident in counselling men with the condition. Covering a wide range of subject matter, the materials show how having the ED conversation with men may help you improve male health in this hard-to-reach group.

Select a video from the menu to understand how VIAGRA connect can integrate with the wider benefits of pharmacy intervention:

A Doctor's View on VIAGRA connect

Discover what the availability of VIAGRA connect means for patients, doctors and pharmacists

Duration 08:23

Having the ED Conversation

Watch pharmacists talk about their experience treating ED in the pharmacy

Duration 23:36

The link between ED and cardiovascular disease (CVD)

Understand the link between ED and CVD by watching this short animation

Duration 01:42

Acting to help reduce cardiovascular risk

Discover what can help reduce cardiovascular risk by watching this short animation

Duration 01:36

Assessing fitness for sex in men with ED symptoms

Be clear on how to establish fitness for sex in men with ED symptoms by watching this short animation

Duration 02:22


  1. Shabsigh R, et al. BJU Int 2004;94:1055-65.
  2. Solomon H, et al. Heart 2003;89:251-4.