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Test Your Knowledge

See how prepared you are to appropriately supply VIAGRA connect

Viagra Connect Certificate

The launch of VIAGRA connect as a pharmacy medicine should make it easier for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) to seek help at an earlier stage of their treatment journey. It creates an excellent opportunity for you to engage with men around the wider potential health concerns associated with ED, such as cardiovascular disease.

You can see just how prepared you are by using the ‘Test Your Knowledge’ self-assessment questionnaire. The resources available on this website are designed to help you prepare for the ED conversation and become confident in the appropriate supply of VIAGRA connect. The self-assessment is accessible from this page.

Testing your knowledge will validate your understanding of how to appropriately supply VIAGRA connect and contribute to your professional development. It can also be documented as a learning activity in your CPD records.

On completion of the self-assessment, you will be able to download a personalised Certificate of Achievement, or order a copy to be sent to you by post.


Key assessment areas:

  • ED and its impact on quality of life
  • How VIAGRA connect works

  • Who VIAGRA connect is suitable for

  • How to engage with potential customers

  • The common causes of ED


Test Your Knowledge: