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Supporting men with EPs

There are many different causes for erection problems (EPs), understanding these is an important part of your role when recommending a product to help. This page summarises the pharmacy team's role in supplying Viagra Connect to men with EPs and gives guidance on how Pharmacy staff can help make a real difference to their health.

Recommending Viagra Connect

Although erection problems are more common with increasing age, in the stressful modern world, it’s common for younger men to suffer with EPs too. Worries over health, finances or work can all contribute to EPs and means they can be common in all age groups. As the subject of erection problems becomes more normalised, the more men (or their partners) will feel confident in seeking advice.

Pharmacy has already enabled over 1 million men with erection problems to take action since 2018 through the supply of Viagra Connect showing your vital role in supporting men’s health and wellbeing1.

Around 5 million men in the UK are affected by erection problems2, so there are likely to be a great deal of men you can help.

Understanding how men with Erection Problems feel

Erection problems may be common but that doesn’t lessen the impact they can have on a man’s confidence and relationships. Men might think that the ability to get an erection is a direct reflection of their masculinity, rather than perhaps as a result of their lifestyle. They may feel frustrated, anxious, depressed or start to lose self-esteem and confidence. Partners may feel rejected, unattractive or guilty. Problems with a couple’s sex life can have knock-on effects on other areas of their relationship.

Consultation tips

Having Viagra Connect available to men through pharmacy is a real benefit. Not only is it easily accessible but men can also benefit from your additional advice and awareness of red flags associated with their health. Having consultations that put customers at ease, reassure them and maintain their dignity and confidentiality are important in the pharmacy setting. Be aware that although you may be used to discussing erection problems, your customer might not be. Always offer the option of using the consultation room or moving to a discrete space for a chat.

The basic structure of the consultation could look something like this:

First, find out if this is a repeat purchase or the first time the man is buying it.

First-time purchase:

Introduce yourself and explain that you will be going through a few key questions using a Pharmacy Checklist. You should clarify that the man is experiencing erection problems, and not another issue, such as premature ejaculation. Take them through the Pharmacy Checklist to assess suitability for supply of Viagra Connect.

Repeat purchase:

Introduce yourself and explain that you will be going through a few key questions. The Pharmacy Checklist can be used here.

Q: How long has it been since you last purchased this product?
Q: Have you seen your GP since you started using this product?
Q: Have there been any changes to your health since you last purchased Viagra Connect?
Q: Do you still feel fit enough to climb up a couple of flights of stairs?
Q: Have there been any changes in the medication you are taking since last supply?
Q: Have you had any problems or side-effects when using this before?

If nothing has changed with the man’s medication or medical history Viagra Connect may be supplied. The customer should be reminded to see his GP within 6 months of the initial supply of Viagra Connect.

  1. Estimated from reported use since launch (Kantar 2019, Viagra Connect Onlinebus Survey, 1,499 men 35 yr+ ) & UK male population 35+ yrs.
  2. ONS 2019 Population data & Kantar TNS 2010 – survey of 1,033 men – men reporting occasional & frequent difficulty getting/keeping an erection.