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Supply Scenarios

Participate in animated training scenarios to help you decide when to supply VIAGRA connect appropriately


Supplying VIAGRA connect to men with erectile dysfunction (ED) can be straightforward in some cases, but there may be situations where the decision will be less clear-cut.

Tools such as the VIAGRA connect Checklist can help you to make supply decisions for more complex cases. To further prepare you for these types of decisions, training scenarios have also been developed.

The following scenarios present men with different health histories, some taking concomitant medicines and presenting with a variety of conditions, and each requesting VIAGRA connect at the pharmacy. You will be asked to make a supply decision, based on the conversation between each man and the pharmacist. The appropriate supply decision will then be presented to you and discussed for further understanding.

Training Module 1

Scenarios 1-3 cover fitness for sex, hypertension and previous myocardial infarction

Module 1
Module 2

Training Module 2

Scenarios 4-6 cover contraindicated medicines, repeat supply and health intervention

Training Module 3

Scenarios 7-9 cover antidepressants and mental health, diabetes and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

Module 3