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Suitability for treatment

Certain lifestyle factors and medications can affect how well Viagra Connect works. It’s important to talk through the Pharmacy Checklist to properly assess suitability for treatment.

The product is only for men aged 18 years and over who have EPs. Men
who do not have EPs will not benefit from this product

For most men, Viagra Connect will work the first or second time they try it. For men who have not been able to have sexual intercourse for some time, it can take additional attempts to obtain maximum benefit. 74% of men will respond to Viagra Connect (sildenafil 50 mg ). If after several attempts (up to a maximum of 8) on different dosing occasions, patients are still not able to achieve a penile erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual activity, they should be advised to consult their doctor.

If they experience any of the serious side effects, they should stop taking Viagra Connect and seek IMMEDIATE medical advice.

Around 5 million men in the UK are affected by erection problems, so there are likely to be a great deal of men you can help1.

Advice for men unsuitable for treatment with Viagra Connect

If unsuitable for Viagra Connect, it is important to advise the man of the reason they are not suitable (e.g. it may be a contraindication or that he doesn’t have EPs).

Men who are not suitable for Viagra Connect should be referred to their GP to explore other suitable options. Men should be encouraged to seek advice from their doctor because EPs may be a symptom of other conditions that need medical attention and although Viagra Connect is not suitable for them, the doctor may be able to prescribe medicines which are.

  1. ONS 2019 UK population data & Kantar TNS 2010 - survey of 1,033 men - men reporting occasional & frequent difficulty getting/keeping an erection