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Pharmacy Checklist

The Viagra Connect Pharmacy Checklist is an optional tool which enables
you to offer health advice to men regardless of whether they are suitable for the product.

Using the Viagra Connect checklist

The checklist will help you assess the man’s cardiovascular health and concomitant medication use and conditions. It provides advice you can give for all men, whether or not they have been supplied with Viagra Connect. You’ll also find a tear-off slip, sign and date this and give it to the man to facilitate repeat supply.

If Viagra Connect is not suitable

Men who are not suitable for Viagra Connect should be told why and advised to see their GP. A tear off piece is included at the bottom of the checklist for this purpose. The patient can then take the slip with them to the doctor to help start the conversation.

It’s important to understand if the man has any other medical issues

You may also wish to check the patient’s Summary Care Record or Patient Medication Record to check their concomitant conditions.

Always use your professional judgement when deciding whether to supply Viagra Connect. There is no requirement to use the Checklist.