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Patient scenarios

These scenario cards provide some of the most useful and frequently seen patient scenarios for Viagra Connect.

How to use the Patient Scenario Cards

The cards are designed to be kept under the counter or close at hand, so you can use them as a tool in order to gain confidence in approaching these conversations with customers.

The Pharmacy Checklist is also available to help you accurately assess patients’ suitability for treatment with Viagra Connect.

You can use these Patient Scenario Cards to help you:

  • Determine if the patient has any medical conditions or is taking any medications that are contraindicated with Viagra Connect
  • Determine a patient’s fitness for physical activity
  • Counsel patients on correct usage of the product.

Download the Patient Scenario Cards

Keep these close at hand to help with conversations with customers

Patient Scenario Cards
customer scenarios.pdf

Download the Pharmacy Checklist

This optional checklist that can be used during a consultation

Pharmacy Checklist