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Assistant training

Having Viagra Connect readily available throughout the pharmacy is a real benefit to men. Not only does it make it easily available, they can also benefit from additional advice and awareness of red flags.

You should bear in mind that many men may be suffering in silence due
to embarrassment or ignorance of treatment options, so it’s essential to
know how to broach the subject sensitively.

EPs are commonly thought of as only affecting older men; this isn’t the case as erection problems are also common in younger men. There is still a social stigma surrounding EPs, so knowing how to approach the subject, or how to handle the conversation effectively is vital for pharmacy staff. Having consultations that put men at ease, reassure them and maintain their dignity and confidentiality is important in the pharmacy setting.

Conversations about erection problems

Talking about EPs or Viagra Connect may not be embarrassing for you as a healthcare professional, but this may not be the case for some men. Sensitivity and understanding are required.

Initiating conversations about men’s health

As well as patients coming in to ask for Viagra Connect, remember to use other interactions – such as medicines reviews or smoking cessation services – to ask if they have any concerns about erection problems. These may be linked to prescribed medication or other issues.

How to talk to men about EPs

Erection problems may be common, but they can still be a sensitive subject to approach. Below are a few
approaches to keep in mind when talking to men about EPs.

  • Reflect the type of language the patient uses. If they say, “problems in the bedroom department”, “not being able to get it up”, “brewers droop”.
  • Give all patients the opportunity for a private consultation.
  • Be aware of who they know in the team and how to protect their confidentiality.
  • Allow initial time in the consultation for the patient to feel at ease. For example, explain what will happen and ask if they have any questions at the beginning of the consultation.
  • Display leaflets or tokens that customers can pick up and hand to the team to reduce the need to ask out loud about erection problems at the counter.